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Sangye Nyenpa RinpocheKarmapa Tenga Rinpoche

    We are pleased to invite Khenpo Karma Wosung from Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery,
Nepal to conduct the following teachings and puja.

3rd December, Saturday7:30pmGuru Rinpoche Puja
10th December, Sunday7:30pmMedicine Buddha Puja
17th December, Saturday7:30pmVajrasattva Puja
18th December, Sunday10:00amBlack Zambala Water Offering / Riwo Sancho Smoke Offering / Life Liberation
Participants meet at Changi Point Ferry Terminal at 10am, board at 10:30am (boat free $12). Interested please register with Joseph 91007263, Steven 98893668, Pema 97829345
24th December, Saturday7:30pmAmitabha Puja
30th December, Saturday7:30pmChod Puja

Regular Programs

Every Saturday10amRiwo Sangcho & Black Dzambala Puja
5pmMahakala Puja
7:30pmWeekly Special Puja
Every Sunday10pmGreen Tara Puja
1:30pm to 2:30pmWeekly Tibetan Lesson
3pm to 4pmWeekly Dharma Discussion
5pmMahakala Puja

Regular Pujas -- Green Tara, Riwo Sangcho and Black Dzambala puja (Explanation)
Green Tara
Paying homage to Tara creates the causes to attain enlightenment as well as avert obstacles and ensure success in worldly spiritual affairs. Green Tara is known as a Swift Liberator, commonly believed to be born from the tears of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Tara materialized and vowed to assist Him in the battle to reverse the tides of Samsara. Through the strength of her female form, she attained full enlightenment and was able to emanate myriad forms in order to aid sentient beings with the lightning swiftness. One of her best known forms is the assembly of 21 emanations (21 Arya Tara).

Riwo Sangcho
This is an important practice to engage in to accumulate merit. This practice involves making illusory offerings so that we can complete the gathering of illusory accumulations. Through this accumulation of merit, the perfection of wisdom (the result) may be attained. There are four methods of making offerings to accumulate merit, namely the offering of sang (i.e. riwo sangcho), the offering of water tormas (which our resident lama does in our centre every morning), the offering of sur, and the offering of one’s own body (known as the chod practice). Individuals who regularly and diligently engage in these practices of offering will gather the accumulations, purify the obscurations and in particular, will pacify any obstacles and factors that prevent the accomplishment of the Dharma and awakening in the present lifetime, becoming free of them like the sun emerging from the clouds. We should put our energy into practicing them as they support our progress along the path leading to the supreme attainment of Buddhahood.

Water Torma Offering
Our Resident Lama will be performing Water Torma offering for karmic debtors daily, at 7am for Monday to Friday and Sunday. The Riwo Sangcho offering will be changed to 10am on Saturday to allow those who are keen to attend. Should you be keen to make an offering, pls visit our centre at 930am on Saturdays. Kindly approach our Resident Lama.

Black Dzambala
Dzambala’s prayer is conceived by Buddha for the practice of generosity. Dzambala is the highest of 8 levels Bodhisattvas who provides the opportunity for devotees to sow “seed money” so that they will have constant supply of fortune to facilitate their practice of generosity. The practice of this puja includes milk offering to Dzambala, as the legend says that when Dzambala Bodhisattva was hurt in the head, He vowed that whoever offered milk to Him to soothe the wound, his or her wish for good fortune will be granted. Dzambala is not to be mistaken as a worldly God. He possesses remarkable power to free sentient beings from the clutches of poverty and starvation and guides them towards ultimate Buddhahood.

Amitabha Jang Chog Puja
Performing the Amitabha puja brings about many benefits. It helps increase wealth, health and prosperity within this lifetime, increases wisdom, merits and fortune, establishes karmic connection with AmitabhaPureland, purify one’s negative karma, fulfills all wishes, and most importantly, improves one’s understanding of perfect Buddhahood.

Opportunities for Dedication of Merits
Every morning, our resident lama performs Riwo Sangcho, Tara puja and water torma offering. We would like to provide the opportunity for devotees to make an offering / dedication for the above-mentioned pujas. This would be helpful in clearing one’s obstacles and benefitting sentient beings.
Offerings of any amount may be made personally at our centre. Our resident lama – Lama Gyurme will collate the list of names and perform the puja and dedications accordingly.

Regular Programme
(Weekly Dharma Discussion, Weekly Tibetan Lesson and Daily Mahakala Puja)

Our resident lama will be happy to discuss and answer questions related to the practice of the four foundations. You may also discuss with lama on any questions pertaining to your dharma practice.
There will also be a weekly regular lesson on Tibetan language.
Mahakala puja is a prayer to the tutelary deities who protect the Dharma and its practitioners. This puja invokes their blessings to guide, support and bestow power to face life’s struggles and eliminate the obstacles and forces that hinder us in our path.

Tuesday to Friday, Sunday, 10am: Green Tara
Saturday, 10am: Riwo Sangcho and Black Dzambala

Weekly Tibetan Lesson
Sunday, 130pm to 230pm

Weekly Dharma discussion
Sunday, 3pm to 4pm

Mahakala Puja
Tuesday to Thursday, 4pm
Friday to Sunday, 5pm

Red Chenrezig Jang Chog Puja (except for the period of 27th July to 24th August)
Every last Friday of the month, 7pm

Amitabha Jang Chog Puja (except for the period of 27th July to 24th August)
Every other Fridays of the month, 7pm

Explanations of Pujas

Amitabha Jang Chog Puja Performing the Amitabha puja brings about many benefits. It helps increase wealth, health and prosperity within this lifetime, increases wisdom, merits and fortune, establishes karmic connection with Amitabha Pureland, purify one’s negative karma, fulfills all wishes, and most importantly, improves one’s understanding of perfect Buddhahood.

Sur Offering The benefits of engaging in the Sur practice are very extensive. Its main benefit is to other sentient beings – in particular, beings in the intermediate state who have died and have not yet been able to find a new body to take rebirth and to obtain food and Dharma teachings. The aroma offered through the Sur practice serves as food for them, bringing them happiness. In addition, the Dharma teachings which they receive through this practice free them from the cause of all their torments and sufferings. Furthermore, for hungry ghosts who are so incredibly hungry, analogous to searching for many years to find only a tiny bit of spit, they receive your charity of food and of Dharma, thus pacifying their incredible suffering and also the causes of their suffering. In short, other sentient beings receive much help and benefit from your doing this practice. Another important benefit of the Sur practice is that it helps to repay one’s karmic debts. This would solve or prevent many problems without creating the causes for future problems.
This practice is also a way of accumulating extensive merit and pacifying obstacles to one’s Dharma practice, projects or business. In this way, it helps bring success to all these endeavours. By engaging in such charity, it results in prosperity and wealth. Sur practice is also a cause for being reborn in Amitabha’s pureland when one dies. Through doing this practice, it creates the causes for all wishes to be fulfilled in accordance with the Dharma and causes one to have realisations. Ultimately, one completes the two types of merit and attains enlightenment.


Amitabha Puja and Butterlamp Prayer Monday to Friday, 3pm

Red Chenrezig Jang Chog Puja and Butterlamp Prayer Saturday and Sunday, 730pm

Sur Monday to Friday, 8pm Saturday and Sunday, 830pm

Teachings recordings

Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche Teaching on 6th Sep Download here

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