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Tenga Rinpoche Relics
Tenga Rinpoche Cremation May 2012
Dzongsar Rinpoche Visit Apr 2012
Milarepa Empowerment Oct 2011
Tenga Rinpoche birthday celebration Oct 2011
Sep program (smoke offering, mahakala puja)
Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche visit to centre
Mahamudra teaching, long life initiation and zambhala initiation/puja on 8th Jan

Bodhicitta & mahamudra teaching

Tenga Rinpoche giving teaching

Tenga Rinpoche giving initiation

Our translator Lama Sherab

Tenga Rinpoche giving blessing

Main shrine

Tenga Rinpoche doing water offering to zambhala

Tenga Rinpoche with lama

Tenga Rinpoche giving blessing to the participants

Zambhala Wealth Vase consecrated with many holy objects including black pills, cloth, prayer rice from 16th Karmapa and other very auspicious items. More about karmapa black pills, 湮惘楊卼窪楊狻
Dinner with Tenga Rinpoche on 11th Jan

Dinner with Rinpoche - group photo

Tenga coming for dinner with devotees

Dinner with rinpoche at the center

Tenga Rinpoche introduce the books about the 3 elders of Kagyu lineage (Thrangu Rinpoche, Tenga Rinpoche, Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche)

Tenga Rinpoche giving the 3 books and a very powerful phurba to the center in hope of successful growth of the centre
Group photo with Tenga Rinpoche Amulet that Tenga Rinpoche gives to all participants during dinner.
Conserated with 16th Karmapa prayer rice, black pills, cloth, relic box substances, vajra knot(踢試汋).
Thanks so much Rinpoche..

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