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A Brief Biography Of Very Venerable The 3rd Tenga Rinpoche

The present 3rd incarnation, Tenga Rinpoche was found at the age of 7, where he began his monastic life and studies. He completed his studies with a 3-year retreat. He studied all the tantric rituals and philosophy with many different accomplished masters. From his uncle, he learnt about traditional Tibetan medicine.

In 1959, he left Tibet and after spending one and a half years in Kalimpong, he settled in Rumtek Monastery (Sikhim), the main seat of His Holiness, the 16th Karmapa. There, he served his Holiness for 17 years, the last 9 years of which he acted as Dorje Lopon (Vajra Master). In 1974, he accompanied His Holiness on his first tour to America and Europe. Since 1978, Rinpoche has been touring Europe extensively. He is the founder of Karma Kamtsang Association in Poland, Karma Thegsu Ling in Italy, and Lotus Trust and Lotus Direkthilfe in Germany.

Since 1976, Tenga Rinpoche has been living in Swayambhu, Nepal where he founded Benchen Phunstok Dargyeling Monastery and a retreat centre in Pharping. Tenga Rinpoche is one of the few living meditation masters who still holds the unbroken lineage of the Karma Kagyud tradition.
第三世天噶仁波切( Tenga Rinpoche )今年已八十高龄,16歲時由第十一世泰?度仁波切( Tai Situ rinpoche)所認證認證并舉行坐床大典,17歲起隨其叔父?醫.19歲時再由第十一世泰錫度仁波切授予沙?戒,从第十六世大?法王?受菩薩戒,大手印法要及其他高深的灌?等,至22歲時,仁波切已?學?及精通了許多寺院用的薈供儀?,佛法及哲學等.?他學?完成後立即進行三年閉關。1959年,天噶仁波切轉道拉薩前往位於不丹及印度交界。他先後在?果欽哲仁波切及其他高僧?接受了許多灌?及教法,也曾是隆德寺的閉關導?(Drupon)以及金?阿奢黎(Dorje Lopon)。 天噶仁波切精通五明(?明、工巧明、醫方明、因明及內明),是位偉大的學者、醫生、禪?及?術家。1974年仁波切隨侍十六世大?法王至西方傳法,跟随十六世大?法王有十七年之久。